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YouTubeButton - i think not very useful

it's VERY useless since you cant see the subsribers count, just "999+".

idk where but in my wiki there is a youtube bot who auto updates the number of subscribers and it shows the subscribers count i think that the best is to use this thing (subsribe isnt that important in wikia ) and if anyone want to subscribe we can make a redirect when you click on the number yiu go to his page where you can subscribe

MegakottBot YouTube Wiki
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custom buttons when click on my icon

view profile, my talk, my prefs , help, sign out - how to add more buttons? Are there a scipt?

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explore button

How to remove explore button ?

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• 11/9/2018


The AFK in ChatHacks, isn't working at all. I'm in the VS Battle Wiki's Chat and I clicked the AFK and it didn't work. Can this be fixed?

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• 11/7/2018

Subcategories list script

The new categories list looks nice, but I miss the subcategories list (CC was told it made huge SEO issues). Could anyone make a personal script that scrapes the subcategories on that page and moves the partial list back to the top?

We're updating the look of categories to improve your community's SEO
We're updating the look of categories to improve your community's SEO Community Central
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• 10/20/2018

Is there a script for showing multiple Wiki Activities in one?

Hi! I've noticed a problem lately with needing to check half a dozen wikis that I'm an admin on a couple of times per day, resulting in needing to check Wiki Activities on half a dozen inactive wikis, which takes a while to open. I mention this because I received a suggestion that it would expedite this process if there were a script for showing the Wiki Activities of these several wikis on a single page so that, if anything happened on any of them, it would show up in the one script. If anyone knows where such a script could be found or how to create one if such a script doesn't exist but could be created, please let me know!

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• 10/16/2018

Discussions on FANDOM Developers Wiki

Hello everyone,

We've gotten Discussions enabled on Dev Wiki! We don't have specific categories or guidelines defined here yet, but you can use them as a replacement for Forum if you wish. The Forum is still kept enabled for people that prefer it, as there should be the widest possible set of features enabled on this wiki.

If you have any suggestions, post them below. Happy discussing on FANDOM Developers Wiki!

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